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Photography, Sneakers, Fashion, and Graduate School Portfolio of Yichi Zhang 


  Name:  Yichi Zhang (Pronounced as "Eacher John")  中文姓名 :张一驰 (“文武之道,一张一弛)   Year : 1989   Nationality : China  Zodiac : Virgo  Blood Type : O  Motto : "Live to inspire." 

Name: Yichi Zhang (Pronounced as "Eacher John")
中文姓名:张一驰 (“文武之道,一张一弛)

Year: 1989 
Nationality: China
Zodiac: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Motto: "Live to inspire." 

I am not the typical good-behaving Asian kid who follows all the rules, aces all the exams, and plays numbers of instruments that you will meet.

I am exactly the opposite.  

From elementary school to graduate school, I was never a good student in terms of academic. My SAT score was below 1800, and my undergraduate GPA was 2.83. 

However, with the 2.83 GPA, I was still elected to be the president of my business school student government, and presidents of various organizations. I was still chosen to represent my school to travel nationally and internationally competing against top institutions and attending conferences. I was still able to get a banking job offer from one of the top banks during my junior's summer internship. 

But I declined the job offer. I found that finance was not something that I wanted to do. My professors and peers felt sorry for me. To them, I lost a promising salary; but to me, I started a new chapter in my life. 

How many times have we heard from people to do what you love? Yet, how many people were brave enough to do it? I love brand and advertising, and I love what I am pursing now.




I hate rainy days, because they ruin my kicks. That is how much I love about my sneakers. I own more than 200 pairs of sneakers. Most of them are Air Jordans. 

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Tailored suits, vintage jacket, hipster shirts, work boots, bow ties, square pockets, and so on... I don't do a particular fashion style, I create my own style. Check out my instagram. 

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Teddy Bears keep me young and alive. I have a collection of Teddy Bears. They have traveled with me from countries to countries, cities to cities. 



Creativity lives within me. When it comes to cooking, I enjoy combining American and Chinese cooking ingredients together and creating high-quality cuisines. 


Chiara Capitanio - Global Group Account Director at JWT

Yichi did an internship in JWT Beijing during the summer, serving Microsoft in my team.

I was very impressed by Yichi as in very little time he demonstrated an extraordinary strategic thinking ability which combined with his passion and unique personality allowed him to quickly earn respect in the team while perfectly integrating in the agency environment and culture. 

Yichi interest and great sense for brands and communication in general is remarkable. During the time with us he was very useful, adding value to the team with interesting point of views and insights which were used in the planning process of our new campaign. 

I believe Yichi will be a great asset for any organization and as such I highly recommend him. 

We all miss him here 

Maggie Zhou - Account Director at Ogilvy Action 

Yichi worked with us during his 2013 school summer vacation which was the busiest time of our team. We were so happy that he could join and help us. 

He doesn’t have lots of working experience of advertising industry before join us. But he does proved he has the potential of being a good advertiser. He loves this industry very much, he always shares the commercials/campaigns those he likes with his opinions to us. He keeps tracking the market trends, competitor actives…ect. which help us and client knows what’s happened recently in the market. He’d love to involve every process of campaign development to learn as much as he can, regardless account, planning and creative. 

The most important reason for me to highly recommend him is he is a detail person and does have the ownership of the project he works. That’s a very strong requirement of being an account person. And he is very smart, he knows how to follow the rules with a smart way in the urgent thing which is his natural instinct. It’s a pity for us losing him due to his school work, we really hope we could work with him again in the future. 

Andi Minor - Speicial Events Manager at University of Richmond 

As special events manager for the Robins School of Business, Yichi has been under my supervision from August 2010 to May 2012 as a student photographer. During that time he has not only become the head student photographer on our roster, but also become a mentor to the newer members of our team. Yichi’s professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched, in fact, his shots rival those of professional photographers that we hire within the Robins School of Business. 

Yichi is an intelligent, capable, personable young man. He is always quick on his feet, with sensible reactions in all professional circumstances. I feel confident in saying that he is adept at handling any situation in a work environment with thoughtfulness and maturity. 

Yichi’s upbeat demeanor and can do attitude brighten make him an asset to the Robins School’s events team and have made him a very low maintenance employee. His strong interpersonal skills enable him to interface very effectively with many different constituencies including alumni, students and the general public.

Leean He - Assistant Vice President Treasury at Wells Fargo  

I directly managed Yichi while he was doing his internship in Wells Fargo. Yichi is one of the quickest learners I have ever met. He is smart, funny and hard working, and fulfilled his responsibility quite well. He quickly dived into the culture of the Bank, and made friends to a lot of senior traders. I would recommend him to any firm looking for a self-motivated young professional.

Teresa Chen - Vice President, Head of Corporate Trade Sales at Wells Fargo 

Yichi is alwasy eager for learning and makeing progress. He has good presentation and communication skills with a table personality and high sense of responsibility. As a good team player, Yichi is able to deal with personnel at all levels effectively. Although he is very young, his active, creative, innoative and good analytical capability impressed us a lot.

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