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Photography, Sneakers, Fashion, and Graduate School Portfolio of Yichi Zhang 

【Mad for Ads 】

Videography: Ding Duo, Michelle Wang, Yichi Zhang
Production: Yichi Zhang

This video tells the story between advertising and me. 

Below are some of the most precious and encouraging comments from industry legendaries: 

“Yichi, your enthusiasm and passion for what you want to do are inspiring.  You're going to have a lot of fun chasing down your star.” 

 --- Mike Hughes, President, The Martin Agency

 “What I found instead was human, and authentic and well crafted and revealing and not at all about advertising but about a desire to be a part of work that creates or impacts culture, touches peoples lives the way your life has been touched, and helps businesses (like your mother's) grow.”  

--- Kevin Proudfoot, Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Lab


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